Dr. Heartstrong: “George Floyd is Alive, America. Prove Me Wrong.”

“There’s a worldwide awakening. People around the world are waking up.”
– Dr. Winnie Heartstrong

Can 2020 get any weirder?

Apparently, yes.

Welcome to The Twilight Zone.

According to Dr. Winnie Heartstrong, George Floyd is alive and well… counting his cash.

In the video below, she makes the case.

1] Why she believes George Floyd’s death is a psy-op: “There is no way that what we are seeing today is a natural occurrence.”

2] Weirdness around Chauvin’s arrest: “The person who has been booked now is not the same person in the video who is strangling him.”

3] Clues of FAKE videos: Gas prices, changing squad car numbers, officer’s badges… does it make sense to you?

“George Floyd,” says Heartstrong, “is probably off somewhere enjoying his rich reward.”

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