False Idols: “Celebrities Just Capitalize on Black Pain and Suffering”

[Note: The following is a partial transcript of the powerful video below by Nubreed. Check out his Youtube page here.]


We’re tired of celebrities trying to infiltrate the Great Awakening that’s taking place in the world.

Because a lot of people are waking up and they are desperate to catch the wave.


You already sold your soul for fame and riches.

You already made your deal with the devil.

You’re already in that situation. You cannot serve two masters.

You cannot ride the wave of fame and success… and at the same time, be in the trenches and be ‘woke.’

I know.

You miss being a regular person.

You miss having a sense of innocence. You miss that FIGHT you had in you.

But it was over the moment you signed that contract and relinquished all your powers and your rights to these people who control you.

You are not apt to teach us anything.

You’re not designated to be leaders for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are an individual who looks towards any of these idols for a perspective… for any level of enlightenment… you’re not going to get it.

We don’t respect celebrities. We don’t want to hear what they gotta’ say.

If you share this video…

You’re going organize and begin to orchestrate new leadership for brothers and sisters speaking outside of the confines of this social construct.

(Mirror below if Youtube video goes down.)

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