“I Suspect a Mob Hit”: George Floyd Alternate Theory

[Editor’s note: In our effort to bust through the mainstream narratives, we allow for a certain degree of “bar room speculation” — the kind of stuff you would bring up to your buddies over a beer. This is one such piece. Follow the author on the Twatter.]

By David (@JustFollowingP3)
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I suspect a Mob Hit.

Lloyd & Officer Chauvin worked together at El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub. I worked at nightclubs in my youth. These big clubs are typically neck deep in organized crime.

(Where are the muckrakers?)

Let’s have a look.

—> Aside from the obvious, like taking a cut on prostitution and/or drugs, big nightclubs are high volume low denomination cash businesses, good for money laundering (proceeds from above) and circulation of counterfeit money.

SEE: Nightclub Owner Sentenced for Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking A Pico Rivera nightclub owner has been sentenced to prison for laundering money as part of a drug-trafficking ring.

SEE: 21 charged in casino-based money laundering scheme Federal authorities are moving to dismantle what they describe as a multistate, multimillion-dollar money laundering operation with the indictments of 21 people accused of using counterfeit cards and…

—> Ask yourself. Why do nightclubs hire off-duty cops? If there’s illegal activity, having a cop running security keeps the boys in blue off your back (grease some palms).

Derek Chauvin worked at El Nuevo Rodeo for 17 f*ckin’ years while also a full-time cop.

This guy is likely a mob enforcer.

—> El Nuevo Rodeo has been in business for 25 years. That’s a LONG damn time for a club to even exist. Famous clubs in big cities rarely have that kind of run. The cash flowing through there must be massive.

So what kind of organized crime goes on in Minneapolis?

—>Turns out counterfeiting is big business in Minnesota.

Huge bust in January:

Counterfeit bills seized at Minnesota border The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency says the counterfeit money was found in a commercial rail shipment that originated in China.

—>The “gee-wiz, what a coincidence…” attitude, with total lack of curiosity on the part of the MSM towards the implications of Lloyd & Chauvin being coworkers is as pathetic as it is obvious—they are heavily invested in the narrative, “racist cop murders innocent black man.”

—>With #COVID19, El Nuevo Rodeo had to lock down. You cannot launder money if you’re not open. With Jan.’s counterfeit bust, anyone involved wld need to keep a low profile. If counterfeit bills started circulating that could be traced back to you that would be very bad indeed…

—>George Floyd had a problem. Like many, he was outta’ work. Derek Chauvin had no such problem. His other “cop” job made him an “essential worker. If El Nuevo Rodeo were involved in counterfeiting, Chauvin would also be keeping an eye on ANY counterfeit related police activity.

—>On May 25th police receive a call about a man passing a counterfeit $20—a pretty damn petty crime—Derek Chauvin races to the scene. Several police were present, but Chauvin took charge in arresting his recently former coworker…

—>More recently released footage shows a struggle in the vehicle. Unlike others, I’m not interested in speculating who started what. We can’t see.

My asks: Why wouldn’t Floyd be relieved the arresting officer was a guy he knew?

Why would Chauvin go so hard on his former coworker?


Consider the possibility that—outta’ work and in a moment of desperation—Floyd had “dipped in” to the corporation’s counterfeit funds…

Possibly blowing open a counterfeit money laundering scheme.

And Chauvin, being the guy on the inside, would move fast to shut it down…

But got sloppy?

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