“Mr. Deep State”: George Soros Documentary Reveals How He’s Manipulating the Left

Mr. Deep State is at it again.

And the documentary below, once and for all, exposes Mr. Soros for the snake in the grass that he most certainly is.

It also shows how Soros has been, beyond a shadow of doubt, manipulating the George Floyd protests for his own purpose.

Bitch Ass George Soros

Before we get into the full documentary (below), it’s worth noting…

If you haven’t yet seen this video by Chaz, a former Black Lives Matter member, it’s the same old story.

See here:

Long story short…

Sometime around 2016-2017, George Soros began funneling large amounts of money into the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is also around the time, according to Chaz, AntiFa started rolling in, too.

What was originally a movement strictly to raise awareness to black issues, all of a sudden became an anti-capitalist, pro-socialist movement (among other things).

Check out the full documentary below.

(Broken? Another mirror further down, just in case Youtube slaps it down.)

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