Uncle Tom: Black (and Conservative) in America

[Editor’s note: A documentary on black conservatism in America, called Uncle Tom, will be released on June 19th.

Why are we writing about it?

Short answer: One of our goals here at Fiat Lux! is to bust through the mainstream narrative. We want real transformation, not what the “powers that wannabe” are selling: fake, soulless “change” built on lies, deception, and gas-lighting.

Perhaps this is too deep in the weeds, but on a societal level, true, soul-nourishing transformation can come from the ancient alchemical process of enantiodromia — a psycho-spiritual running to the other side — causing what psychologist Carl Jung called a “coincidence of the opposites,” or a “sacred marriage.”

Since our mainstream thought currents have been dominated by the left for decades (what Jordan Greenhall calls the “Blue Church”), an enantiodromia has been inevitable.

Nowhere in America is this more powerful and potentially impactful than the one happening in the rapidly-growing black conservative movement. In fact, I would go so far to say the black conservative movement will be one of the most important trends in America in the next decade. The documentary, Uncle Tom, hits on the 19th. Watch the trailer below. Description is from website: UncleTom.com]

Black Conservatives are one of the most misunderstood political groups in America.

Uncle Tom exposes the double standards they face for “not being black enough.”

The documentary is a collection of intimate interviews with some of America’s most provocative black conservative thinkers.

At some point in their lives, each cast member has been called an Uncle Tom.

Uncle Tom is a story of self-empowerment.

Visit the website: Uncletom.com

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