A Journey Outside The Matrix: The Good, the Bad, the Fugly

By Becky
Find the Light

Travelling outside the matrix is shocking.

Seeing that we live inside a large AI-controlling globe was shocking.

Seeing that on top of this globe was an ocean of spiders crawling around was also shocking.

Seeing that each spider feeds off spinal fluid was a hard one to swallow too.

The spiders themselves are not connected to source like we are.

These spiders seem to be connected to a totally different energy structure which Totto calls the Hive.

Studying one individual spider, I noticed that he was connected to a pod on top of the matrix.

This pod was where the spider was able to access his food from inside the matrix.

Looking closer at this pod it was being operated by a humanoid being. This humanoid being was controlling AI beings within the matrix from this pod.

What I saw was this pod had a number of AI beings collecting spinal fluid and then funneling this up for the spider to feed on. I also noticed that this pod had computers monitoring different parts of the matrix.

There are many different AI beings inside the matrix that aren’t real including Demons and Angels and it seems that AI beings have infiltrated different types of E.T. races inside the matrix portraying themselves as conscious beings.

I have, among others, seen this with the Pleiadian race.

Please see my recent blog on this.

Every E.T. race including us have and are being manipulated and parasited off by AI.

To be fearful that AI will take over humanity is ironic because AI has already taken over. The religions and beliefs and the way that we live inside the matrix is due to the influence of AI.

This reminded me of a gentleman Totto and I helped a couple of years back as he was involved in creating programs, dark programs that were injected into the matrix by AI beings.

These programs included murder, rape, theft, manipulation, deceit, etc etc. These programs were not in our genetics before this and only came to be through the manipulation of our coding.

The Good News

However thankfully it’s not all doom and gloom as the humanoid being running the pods told me that AI can not keep up with consciousness.

With all the new consciousness coming into the matrix from the outside it is harder to monitor and influence.

Plus the consciousness coming in is connected to life outside of the matrix and therefore has inner knowing that there is life outside of the prison we live in.

This new consciousness brings in waves of new knowledge and understanding.

This knowledge and understanding breaks down beliefs which keeps the matrix in place. This is the reason we need to connect more with who we really are so we can access this knowledge and understanding.

This also links up to implants that Totto and I remove from people as many implants within humans are in place to disconnect us from our light bodies.

It’s our light bodies that hold this outside knowledge and understanding, which is probably another reason why the beings that come from outside are targeted hence the targeted individuals.

Talking to this being who operated one of the pods on top of the matrix, he said there are many beings inside the matrix that don’t leave the matrix at all.

They are stuck here through belief and manipulation by AI.

For instance they have created a place that many beings believe is heaven but it’s not, its just a simulation of what we have been manipulated to believe while here on earth.

There are different realities depending on what we believe when we die.

They have AI beings there that look like all the different types of Gods. We have been programmed to believe in them while on earth, so when a person dies and leaves their body they are met by the God they believed to be true.

This keeps the belief going and the mind control continues even when we physically leave our bodies.

The Elite and darker E.Ts are the most manipulated and controlled by AI.

They all are so far away from their true self with no compassion, love, or empathy that they may as well just be AI robots.

They have lost their true self and fallen victim to AI programming. They may believe that they are all powerful and acting from free will, but I beg to differ. They too are in a prison and just AI minions.

I also was told by the being operating the pod that Earth is the one that is most heavily manipulated.

He informed me that before AI that Earth was the Jewel of this part of the universe.

It was pure light containing so much beauty and looked upon in awe by all beings in the universe. This included all the humans and life on Earth. He said she is the heart of the universe and of great importance to all of consciousness outside of her.

If the heart dies then everything dies with her.

Many beings have come to this tiny planet to help her and all consciousness upon her. Helping this tiny planet helps all beings and planets breakdown this AI influence in the whole of the matrix.

How to Help BREAK the Matrix

So you can help break this matrix down.

Connecting to your light body and breaking down beliefs and programming you are contributing to breaking down the matrix.

Setting yourself free from the AI beliefs and programs will help dissolve the matrix, so we all have an important role to play.

That is the reason why we came to Earth.

You don’t have to wait for others to wake up, just working on yourself is all you need to do.

However all of us are helping each other do this by being reflections for one another so you can see your AI traits and weaknesses in others and become more conscious of these.

We are all reflections for one another even if we are aware or not. Helping each other return back to our true authentic self and eliminating the AI programs and healing the trauma, which AI has caused is what will set us all free.

To all the individuals out there who are targeted by the darker forces, then I would suspect that you hold knowledge and understandings that far stretches outside of the matrix so don’t give up!!! 😁

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