#ExposeBillGates: 4-Part Documentary Exposes Depopulation Agenda

It’s coming up quick folks.

June 13 is the International #ExposeBillGates day.

And we need the world to know that it’s OK to speak out against… and to investigate… Bill Gates.

If you’re not already hip to what Bill Gates is up to…

Everything you need to know is in the explosive four-part documentary below.

(Please contact if the videos go down. Online gremlins are up to their tricks!)

What can you do on JUNE 13?

Going on a road trip? Grab your window markers.

Going to the store? Wear your #ExposeBillGates mask.

(Don’t have one yet? Grab yours right here.)

Sidewalk chalk. Stickers. Signs.

Paint your city. Go nuts!

And, if you can, watch this with family and friends.


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