Health Sovereignty Summit: “This is a SPIRITUAL WAR… It is a WAR FOR THE SOUL OF HUMANITY.”

The World Health Sovereignty Summit is this weekend.

(Video teaser of summit below.)

If you haven’t yet heard the rumblings on the street, it’s a FREE online event with a slew of notable speakers talking about…


Sign up here if:

  • You are interested in getting informed on what may be really happening BEHIND THE SCENESE during this global demolition of economies and civil liberties

  • You believe that the declaration of Emergency around the world may have been under false pretenses

  • You are alarmed by the censorship trend which is deplatforming legitimate voices

  • You are passionate about your freedom of speech and the right for a diverse range of voices to be heard

  • You are disturbed by the escalation of a Police State and the emergence of legislation seeking a significant increase in police powers

  • You are shocked by the ongoing erosion of civil liberties and the true rule of law

  • You are concerned by the rising tide of excessive surveillance and the policing of ordinary citizens

  • You feel threatened by the idea of forced vaccinations and “tagging” trends designed to limit freedom of movement, privacy and livelihoods, for non-compliance

Watch teaser video here:

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