The Ritual Initiation: The Real Reason the Elites Want You to Wear a Mask

Is WWIII coming?

For about a decade, that’s been one of the BIG questions.

What most people didn’t notice, however, is we were already in WWIII.

And 2020 is its final act.

WWIII is not a physical war with bombs, tanks, and bullets.

And it’s not even a psychological war, with propaganda, lies, and misdirection. (Although, certainly, that’s part of it.)


And 2020 is a mass initiation into the New World Order.

It is the “coronation.”

Ritual is an ancient process that has, on the surface of society, been cast out as silly superstitions of our shallow, brainless ancestors.

In reality, however, ritual (and the power of myth) has been stolen from us… and used against us to usher in new modes of being and perceiving ourselves and our places in the world.

Historically, rituals were used by our tribespeople to help us make psycho-spiritual transitions into new phases of life and integrate new spirits of our age.

This dispatch outlines the “mechanics” of ritual as initiation, transformation, and fundamental behavioral change.

Placed into the context of 2020, this three-pronged ancient process is sure to sound very familiar.

1.) Isolation for Purification (suspension of the normal ways / surrender / sacrifice / masking / trauma)

Traditionally, masks are used in initiation to hide the old self. It is also a form of ritual humiliation. You are so shameful that your identity needs to be covered up.

You are not worthy of being seen. But that is OK, because the Old Self is about to die to make way for the new.

2.) The Transition (the old self dies, descending into a state of liminality / fever dream / void in the middle / blank canvas)

The subject is then taken to a place in-between worlds where he is repeatedly told, “Things will never go back to normal. There is no normal to return to. There is no going back.”

3.) Integration into the New Reality (or Resurrection to #TheNewNormal)

Today, I urge you to watch this short video about the esoteric meaning behind the mask.

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