43 Ways to Unplug From the Matrix

By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com

If you currently feel like you are without direction or perhaps you are struggling to ride the waves, there may still be a bit of self “work” that is left to clear your energy field. Those who have completed the self work are finally feeling unplugged from the matrix and are sharing how they achieved this.

In this article I will share what has worked best for me in achieving a state of neutrality and has created frequent bouts of happiness, synchronicity, and positive manifestation.

Self work allows for the negative frequency overlay or veil to be lifted so that our original DNA codes can create a shift in our reality.

This kind of work is the most important work of all, even over service to others at this time because of how close we are to a bifurcation of realities. Oftentimes it requires that we spend time by ourselves and it could be some of the hardest work albeit the simplest.

It is hard to take a good look at yourself and your life to painfully see who you have been projecting vs. who you really are.

We are all Source, which is unconditional love consciousness. Most of us have been experiencing what it is like to be as far away from Source in an illusion of ego (personality) and fear. Uncovering and transmuting the fear and asking the personality to take a back seat to the higher self is what we are consciously trying to achieve.

This allows the higher frequency version of us to embody into this dense physical in order to override the fear matrix code that is overshadowing the collective humanity. We are all connected, and the higher frequency in the matrix and the collective always trumps.

Everyone is different and everyone processes the energies differently, but my hopes are that you can find something within this list that may be the last key for you. In no way is this an all inclusive list or a MUST DO TO ASCEND list. You may not have to do everything on this list and you may have done things that are not on this list. These are not listed in a particular order, either, except for the first priority should be Connecting with your Higher self/Oversoul/Source.

Many people do not realize that they are already doing the self “work” by consciously changing the way that they react to everyday situations and skits that unfold in their lives.

Over the last nine years since my conscious awakening around 2010, I have addressed every one of these topics in my own reality with conscious intention. People who are just now waking up will be able to cover this self work much quicker than the ones who came before them.

The Work

  1. Connecting with your Higher self/Oversoul/Source
  2. Shadow work
  3. Oversoul integration– embody and clear “past” and future lives (multidimensional self); soul shared retrieval
  4. Responsibility for thoughtswords, and actions (creation)
  5. Understand who you are and where you are- consciousness inside of a holographic matrix that is a distorted matrix copy within an organic matrix
  6. Grounding into Earth, connecting in nature
  7. Raising your vibration, (shifting from fear vibration to love vibration)
  8. Unconditional  loveforgiveness, compassion, gratitude, respect, integrity
  9. Uniting the masculine and feminine, (left and right sides of the brain)
  10. Ego (lower conscious personality) takes a back seat to higher self
  11. Declare your sovereignty and revoke contracts that no longer serve you; learn how to recognize false light contracts
  12. Creating from the NOW momenterasing prior beliefs and programming
  13. Cutting energetic cordsrelease ancestral/family karma, build boundaries and shields from toxic people
  14. Remember your mission, (if you have one other than just BEING); assess your current job, your relationships, where you live, and make necessary adjustments to align with your mission
  15. Learn how to interact with friends and family  and when to share this information (and when not to)be the example vs. trying to force your beliefs upon others
  16. Nurture and heal your inner wounded child
  17. Develop Discernment on “outside” information
  18. Energy healing- peeling back the layers of blocks in the heart center and auric field; releasing victim programming
  19. Letting go and surrendering to the process instead of controlling it
  20. Find a few like minded individuals that you can discuss things with (the internet/social media is a main tool)
  21. Focusing on the desired outcome (New Earth or going home) rather than the past or distorted matrix
  22. Removing refined white sugar, wheat, flourideprocessed foods, and GMO foods from the diet, refraining from alcohol and drugs, and adding supplements
  23. Detoxing heavy metals and fluoride/toxins
  24. Turn off the television (tell-lie-vision programming) until you have reached a level where it can no longer influence you (you become the witness)
  25. Lovetrust, and forgive yourself
  26. Use your imagination which is the key to creation
  27. Reprogramming the brain from automatic, subconscious programming, allowing the higher mind to create your matrix
  28. Observe repeating patterns and analyze your trigger points
  29. Understand that many of the people in this reality are NPC’s (non-player characters), aka non-souled humans or backdrop people
  30. Allow yourself to FEEL emotions, acknowledge the energy and message, and learn to let it go for good.
  31. Understand that all is Source including dark and light, negative and positive; respect all life including plants and animals, respect everyone else’s path and perception
  32. Listen to your body- food, sleep, intuition. If you are feeling down then it is a signal to raise your vibrational frequency and to stop energetic loss
  33. Spend time in reflection allowing a “life review” from your higher self in order to forgive others, and let it all go
  34. Shift the energy in your home- Go through your material possessions and keep only what serves you; clean and organize your home and simplify your life; smudge and clear
  35. Move the energy in your physical body with light exercise like walking, swimming, tai chi, qi gong, or yoga
  36. Finding balance and zero point and 5d frequency (rainbow bridge), and then go in and out of the 3d/4d old matrix, grounding the codes and higher frequency
  37. Recognize and stop the behaviors, beliefs, and practices that open up your energy centers to connect with negative energy and astral beings
  38. Fire any of your guides that are not of the 100% pure source light; replace them with guides that support your highest and best outcome and intend to make contact with benevolent source light extraterrestrials; star family
  39. Close down or remove the overlay energy centers that the astral beings feed off of and remove or neutralize implants and technologies used for energy siphoning
  40. Practice Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements
  41. Become the witness; be “in the world but not of it”
  42. Focus on yourself first before trying to change the world
  43. Centering the emotional, mental, spiritual, and astral body with the physical body to be aligned like nested Russian dolls.

Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and former radio show host for The Cosmic Awakening Show.  In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric writer, and she is the creator of the website HowToExitTheMatrix.com.

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