Revolutionary Suicide: 1619 Project vs. Hyacinth Project

Reprint from a Twitter thread by Eric Weinstein

The Pulitzer Prize winning #1619Project. Phase II commences with the toppling of slave owner George Washington.

Let’s skip to the end shall we: what are you going to do with all us black & white people on Native American Land? Mass national suicide, self-murder or deportation?

Of course, not all whites are so backward as slavers.

Years ago, a civil rights leader and white preacher emerged to lead an integrated black majority movement. Strong on race issues, he deeply moved and inspired his flock with his progressive vision of a “Mixed Race Utopia”.

But this isn’t about these two men, the Reverend & the Slave Owning President.

It’s about their legacies and a black woman named Hyacinth Thrash.

You see Ms Thrash is the hope for us all: she was attracted & deeply committed to progress on racial issues. But with a difference.

You see her anti racist progressive leader had developed a hidden theory of the needed commitment to justice he termed “Revoultionary Suicide”.

I’ve included some pictures for you progressive younger folk who may not know the history as well as those of us who lived through it.

Now what was different about Hyacinth Thrash was that she, almost alone, saw the madness in her movement and stood apart figuratively by hiding under her bed when it was time to “Drink the Kool-Aid”. Hyacinth was there for real progress on race, not for the murder suicide lunacy.

So, to end, let me be blunt: those in thrall to the 1619 project, the new NYT, anti-fascism, critical race theory, cultural Marxism, etc are treading the well worn path that Hyacinth followed to Jonestown. Only you are doing it at scale & you haven’t gotten to the massacres. Yet.

So I’m announcing the name #HyacinthProject to talk about the need to see where our suicidal progressive urge to purge ourselves of impurity is leading and how to stop it. It’s ultimately headed to “Revolutionary Suicide” of the republic through civil unraveling or to Ms Thrash.

You see there is a choice between the the backward slaver George Washington & Civil Rights progressive Rev Jim Jones.

The choice is obvious: one left a terribly flawed blueprint for future equality called the United States. And one left a flawless blueprint for death: Jonestown.

The #HyacinthProject is the project to follow Hyacinth Thrash away from Utopian Jonestown back to the wonder that is the flawed USA. We must turn away the promise of the #1619Project towards the hum drum work of not drinking this racial oppression kool-aid to quench our thirsts.

To survive, like Ms Thrash, you have to be strong enough to know when you‘re over the edge. And we‘re shying away from the hard work of real leaders like MLK towards revolutionary suicide in the service of beautiful dreams that will become nightmares if we don’t snap out of this.

When given a choice between the progressive and the slaver, it’s time to think harder about who actually paved the way forward. Life is funny like that.

As for me, it’s between #TheHyacinthProject & #1619Project.

So, I’m following the smart black lady.

[Love you all. 🙏]

You can follow @EricRWeinstein.

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